Because apps weren't meant to be bloated


  1. Launch Trimmit
  2. Drop target application onto Trimmit window
  3. Decide and select on the operations to be performed
  4. Click the "Trimmit!" button
  5. Relax while the bloated app is slimmed down

End User Licence Agreement / Disclaimer

Trimmit! runs with 10.4 Tiger and 10.5. Leopard. It may run under 10.3 Panther as well.

The software is provided 'as is'. There is no warranty of merchantability or any other kind. Proceed at your own risk or do not proceed at all. By downloading you agree to these terms.


It's not recommended to ever muck with system software. Use Trimmit! instead on software you download starting now.

Trimmit! works on native Cocoa applications. Applications such as those from Adobe and those created with REALbasic are not native applications and may refuse to run if you attempt to trim them. Other applications perform consistency checks on startup - many are in the list below.

If your app is in the following list the recommendation is you don't attempt to trim it.

Acquisition, Adobe, AppDelete, Aqua Hangman, Aqua4iTunes, Azureus, Cabos, Color Labels, CSSEdit, DictionaryViewer, DiskWarrior, Dreamweaver, Drive Genius, Fast DVD Copy, FileStorm, FlashMount, Football Manager 2007, HistoryHound, Imagine Poker, iPatch, Joost, Linotype FontExplorer X, Lumen, MacPool, MiPetz, NewsFire, Nikon, Pacifist, PhoneAgent, PhoneDirector, REALbasic, Simple CSS, Skype, Speed Download, StuffIt, TubeTV, Ultralingua, VisualHub, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft, Xtorrent, You Control.

If you encounter any difficulties with any application not on this list please contact the authors so they can add it. But in general Trimmit! should do you well - and save you gobs of disk space.