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Self-hosted, web-based, programmable personal finance software – the emacs of accounting.


Myki fare optimizerC, HTML & JS
Find the cheapest permutation of fare types for the Myki public transport system in Victoria, Australia
Considers fare class, zones of travel, as well as weekend and public holiday rates
Fast CGI application written in C to run in a resource-constrained environment; memory use < 1kB
Web-based front-end with mobile and touch support
Trimmit (retired) Objective-C & zsh
Delete junk files, clear resource forks, strip universal binaries, clean out NIBs, strip debug symbols, compress TIFFs, remove foreign languages – do all the things Apple do but third party vendors don't. Recover lots of disk free space.
ledgible (unmaintained) Python
Web-based double-entry accounting – makes plain-text accounting accessible to non‑technical people
ledger-cli front-end with: adaptive autocompletion (learns from history for faster data entry); financial reports; and graphical charts to show balances and trends
The new features presented in this program have been ported to the fava front-end for beancount, which I recommended instead of ledger-cli.
HotKeys (retired) Objective-C
Define global keyboard shortcuts to run arbitrary commands on Mac OS X
CLIMac (unmaintained) Objective-C & C
Extensive suite of utilities for manipulating all facets of the Mac that are traditionally not accessible from the command line
Includes tools for resolving HFS+ aliases, power management, sending files to the Trash, transforming and generating images, manipulating PDFs, taking screenshots, listing and controlling running applications and their windows, listing and controlling applications to be launched at system startup, viewing and modifying extended attributes, and much more.
Gregarious (retired) PHP
A WordPress plugin for sharing posts to social websites like Digg.
One of the first programs to use the Digg API to detect when posts were submitted, and would automatically show an upvote button.

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