Free & Open Source Work



ledgible Python
Web-based double-entry accounting
Makes plain-text accounting accessible to non‑technical people
ledger-cli front-end with adaptive autocompletion for adding entries, financial reports and graphical charts to show balances and trends
Myki fare optimizer C, HTML & JS
Outsmart Victoria's public transport system to get the lowest fares
Considers fare class, zones of travel, as well as weekend and public holiday rates to quickly find the cheapest way to travel
FancyForm JS
Completely custom appearance for HTML input fields like checkboxes. These days you can use CSS.
Gregarious PHP
A WordPress plugin for sharing posts to social websites like Digg.

For Apple computers

Trimmit Objective-C & zsh
Free up gobs of disk space and make applications run faster by removing cruft and bloat in Mac OS X framework and application bundles
HotKeys Objective-C
Define keyboard shortcuts to run arbitrary commands
CLIMac Objective-C & C
Extensive suite of utilities for manipulating all facets of the Mac that are traditionally not accessible from the command line
Includes tools for resolving HFS+ aliases, power management, sending files to the Trash, transforming and generating images, manipulating PDFs, taking screenshots, listing and controlling running applications and their windows, listing and controlling applications to be launched at system startup, viewing and modifying extended attributes, and much more.

External Contributions

Desktop Applications

Quicksilver Mac application launcher with a cult following
Objective-C code clean-up to eliminate hundreds of compiler warnings
Documented the procedure for creating external plugins, and wrote the first ever third‑party plugins and interfaces

Operating Systems

Void Linux BSD-inspired Linux distro
Contributed packages for several Common Lisp implementations
Arch Linux Minimalist Linux distro
Contributed to and took over maintainership of many packages in the Arch User Repository
Exherbo Linux Source-based Linux distro
Contributed, updated and maintained many packages

Command-Line Tools

jq Command-line JSON processor
autoconf bug-fix to un-break the build
bedup Filesystem deduplication utility
Crash report due to mistaken assumptions
GateOne Web‑based terminal emulator and SSH client
Created systemd service to facilitate packaging in Linux distributions

Programming Libraries

libzip C library for working with zip archives
Test failure related to time-zone handling reported
efivar UEFI variable manipulation library for Linux
Makefile code clean-up to reduce duplication of code
Configured extra manual pages to be installed, and made future diffs cleaner
clx Common Lisp X11 client library
Patch to fix a crash and improve standards-conformance